Setting-up a New Hairstylists

07/02/2016 Main

Hello and welcome back to Brett’s hobbies blog. You must have enjoyed the chance to reminisce with my last couple of posts. There must be a lot of you who can remember playing with the same toys and games consoles that I’ve mentioned and I’m sure they gave you endless hours of fun. Games consoles tend to bring back a few memories of frustration too when I’d nearly get to the end of a level and die without saving the game or when I found a level just too hard to complete being stuck on the same one for ages. You must have had those times too? Mind you, the same can be said when I was playing with my figurines or Lego. I’d lose pieces for them never to be seen again. This was especially annoying with my M.A.S.K toys as they didn’t look the same if a door was missing or there were no fake rockets to load into the weapons. I remember too somehow losing an arm on me He-man figure so I had to use one from a different figure which didn’t match. All that aside, I had some great memories from being a kid. Back in the age of innocence before life got all complicated, full of commitments, responsibility and obligations. Read more

My Favourite Games Consoles Growing-up

01/02/2016 Main

Hey I’m back again, Brett here. Hope you enjoyed the article on toys from the 80s. If you’re a similar age, then hopefully it sparked a few happy memories from childhood. Keeping along the theme, I wanted this post to be about my favourite games consoles growing up. Read more

Nostalgia – Toys from the 80’s

20/01/2016 Main

Hey it’s Brett, I’m back for my first article. I wanted to kick-off talking about my favourite childhood toys as they were my first hobbies I suppose. Toys have evolved over the years so kids today would laugh at some of the things that used to keep me occupied back in the 80s. I might be in my early 30s now but I still love my toys. They tend to be a little bit more sophisticated or in my motorbikes case, a little less safe. OK, here’s a quick little list of my favourites. Read more

Toys & Hobbies with Brett

09/01/2016 Main

Hello, this is Brett, welcome to my hobbies blog. I wanted to write a blog to talk about hobbies and pass-times. I wanted to start with some toys from my childhood as they bring back a lot of great memories and gave me hours of fun. I’ll be back shortly with the first article. Read more